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Byzantine Archaeology


Ancient Ports in the Mediterranean

Based on the ancient harbors and the active cities and citizens of the Mediterranean, the mapping, the recording and the prominence of the local cultural identity may begin. At the same time, the conservation of the sea and the safeguard of peace may be enhanced. The Sea, which divides and unites, is the subject and underlay of climate change. Since the Ancient Ports and Cities of the Mediterranean are the basic factors of the activities performed by the active citizens, the latter, if related and collaborating, may begin the reversion and rebirth now.

The Bornblum Eretz Israel Synagogues Website

The main goal of the The Bornblum Eretz Israel Synagogues website is to display the world of synagogues from the Land of Israel for the scholar, student and layperson.  This website provides information such as bibliographical references, geographical location, photos, plans and brief descriptions of ancient synagogues from the Roman and Byzantine periods in the Land of Israel.  It also presents information on selected historically significant synagogues from the Middle Ages through the beginning of the 20th century.  This site will be constantly updated including the latest relevant research news and scholarly works. A search of bibliographical references is currently in preparation.

Dataset of Syro-Palestinian chamber tombs from the first millennium BC and AD

The dataset is a systematic inventory of chamber tombs in Syro-Palestine from the first millennium BCE and CE. It contains information on the form, equipment and location of collective burial sites discovered in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and parts of Turkey. This data was collected from published excavation reports and monographs on over 650 sites. This dataset can serve as a starting point for studying the regional diversity of material culture, burial practices and changes in these over the centuries.  

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