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Ancient Indo-European Grammer online

This project aims to ease the accessibly to up-to-date information collected by a team of experts on Indo-European languages.

Hittite Epigraphic Findings In The Ancient Near East

Maps information concerning the epigraphic finds belonging to the Hittite Kingdom.

Hittites Monuments

Hittites Monuments is a digital humanities project aiming to provide visual references to all major Hittite/Neo-Hittite period monuments. The locations listed below are the sites or find spots of monuments or monumental remnants belonging to the times of Hittite/Luwian civilization and culture. The color coding and text list below divides the sites in two chronological groups. This is not a complete list, nor the listed sites may have complete information.

Hittite Personal Names

A database on the personal names attested in the Hittite written sources that are available in publications and repertoires.

Middle Euphrates Digital Archive

An ongoing project of the Dipartimento di Studi Asiatici, the Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale". It was conceived and carried out by Dr. Francesco Di Filippo, under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Zaccagnini, and with the financial support of the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR). The project also benefited from the pioneered work of Dr. Stefano Bassetti (a former student of Prof. Carlo Zaccagnini at the University of Bologna), who in the late 80's carried out a comprehensive encoding of the Emar corpus.

Warburg Institute Iconographic Database

A rich and ever-growing collection of iconographic data and images from around the world and from different periods.

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