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Code of Conduct

  • Silent is required in the library. Make sure your cellphone is in silent mode.

  • Do not enter the Reading Room with food and drink (except bottled water).

  • No entry to the library with bags. The bags must be left in the storage shelves at the entrance to the library.

Book review procedures:

  • Do not return books to shelves! The books should be left in the carts either in the Reading Room or next to the counter.

  • Reserved books (yellow or blue ribbon) and new books (green ribbon) should be returned to the librarian counter.

  • Do not leave books scattered on the tables, after you finish working, the books should be placed in the carts.

  • Do not take out of the library books that have not been loaned to you by the librarian.

  • Do not take a book from another person’s pile of reserved books! If you cannot find a book, ask the librarian for help.

Lending and Returning Procedures:

The Library of Archeology is an educational library, so each book is automatically loan until the next day at 10:00 (on Thursdays- until Sunday at 10:00).
Loans are possible from 16:00.

Please note that a late fine is 10 NIS per day for a normal book and 15 NIS per hour for a reserved book.

  • Permission for extension of a loan can be given by the Library Director or a librarian.

  • Books that cannot be loaned: periodicals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, restricted books (red ribbon), reserved books (yellow or blue ribbon), and new books (green ribbon).

  • When returning a book to the librarian, make sure that the process is successful. Do not leave books on the librarian counter without explanation.

  • The book return box outside the library is for returns when the library is closed only.

Procedures for reserving books for re-examination:

Books can be kept in the reading room for further work and will not be distributed to the shelves.

  • You can reserve up to five books, up to five days.

  • To reserve books, pile them on one of the tables or the shelves above them.

  • Write on a note: name, last name, date of retention, and desired date of reserving. The note should be placed inside the top book of the pile, with the details visible.

  • Dictionaries, periodicals, encyclopedias, reserved books (yellow or blue ribbon), or new books (green ribbon) cannot be reserved.



The library staff is at your service and will be happy to assist. In the case of special requests contact us and we will try to help. Please respect the rules.


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