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A winter shower of new links

Two new links in our databases section, with exciting projects: is a research website about the archaeology of the ancient Near East and about new methodologies for the study of ancient societies and their environments. The website is run by the Chair of Near Eastern Archaeology of the Department of History and Cultures, Bologna University and is open to the cooperation with all scholars and students. The Editor is Nicolò Marchetti, the Webmaster is Silvano Bertossa, the Web Designer is Valentina Orrù. Among the web project: 3D visit to Karkemish, OrientGIS, Tilmen Höyük project and more.

The collection is under development as part of the Iraq Cultural Heritage Program Grant. The Iraq Cultural Heritage Project (ICHP) was established in 2008 through a grant from the US Embassy Baghdad. The Cultural Affairs Office at the Embassy oversees the project. International Relief and Development (IRD), a US-based non-governmental organization, implements the project for the Embassy. The aim of the AMAR project is to digitize 500 archaeological site reports describing archaeological excavations both in Iraq and in the immediately surrounding areas (Turkey, Syria, Iran and, the Gulf).

Two new links to online classical archaeology journals:

And a surprise- A new computer-assisted chronological tool! ChronoLog is here

Dr. Eythan Levy along with Frédéric Pluquet and Gilles Geeraerts developed this tool to help archaeologist with the difficult task of syncing different chronological data- such as C14 dates, stratigraphy, pottery typology, kings lists and more. The software is based upon the concept of Chronological network (see Levy et al. 2021. JAS) and can take into account varied configurations. You are welcome to check the project on its homepage. The software and user manual are available for free and are citable (see information in the about page).

The link on our resources for student page.

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