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Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies 10.1 - Temporary open access

Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies, vol. 10.1 (2022), is now in print, and free to access until April 1st.

JEMAHS is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to traditional, anthropological, social, and applied archaeologies of the eastern Mediterranean, encompassing both prehistoric and historic periods. The journal’s geographic range spans three continents and brings together

the archaeologies of Greece and the Aegean, Anatolia, the Levant, Cyprus, Egypt, and North Africa. JEMAHS is co-edited by Dr. Ann E. Killebrew ( and Dr. Sandra A. Scham (

To access and/or subscribe, go to: the Scholarly Publishing Collective or Project MUSE


The Archaeology of Hittite Landscapes: A View from the Southwestern Borderlands

Ömür Harmanşah, Peri Johnson, Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver, and Ben Marsh

The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Syria: The Case of Shash Hamdan Tomb 1 in the Upper Euphrates, 1995–2020

Adnan Almohamad

Open Access until June 30, 2022 on the Scholarly Publishing Collective

Harald Ingholt’s Twentieth-Century Archive of Palmyrene Sculptures: Unleashing “Archived”: Archaeological Material in Modern Conflict Zones

Olympia Bobou, Amy C. Miranda, and Rubina Raja

Permanent Open Access on the Scholarly Publishing Collective

Book Review: Empires of Antiquities: Modernity and the Rediscovery of the Ancient

Near East, 1914–1950, by Billie Melman

Reviewed by Thomas W. Davis

Book Review: The Syro-Anatolian City-States: An Iron Age Culture, by James F. Osborne

Reviewed by Sabine Fourrier

Book Review: The Archaeology of the Bronze Age Levant: From Urban Origins to the Demise of City-States, 3700–1000 BCE, by Raphael Greenberg

Reviewed by Ann E. Killebrew

Book Review: Desert Insurgency: Archaeology, T. E. Lawrence, and the Arab Revolt, by Nicholas J. Saunders

Reviewed by Benjamin Adam Saidel

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