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New link to a database- Archival Texts of the Assyrian Empire (ATAE)

from the "about the project" page:

The Archival Texts of the Assyrian Empire (ATAE) Project was started at LMU Munich in 2017 as part of the umbrella project Archival Texts of the Middle East in Antiquity (ATMEA), a sub-project of Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which was founded in August 2015 as part of of the establishment of the LMU's Chair for the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East (held by Karen Radner).

ATAE brings together editions and translations of archival texts from various sites within the Assyrian Empire and it aims to be an expanded and updated version of the State Archives of Assyria online (SAAo) corpus, which had been initiated in 2007 by Radner at University College London, with heritage data provided by Simo Parpola (Helsinki).

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